• Erica R Brown

You're The Day of Coordinator and who said what to the Bride? Know your role and stay in control.

It's the day of the soon to be married couple's special day. Imagine being the Day of Coordinator an about two hours before the wedding is to get started here comes a friend of the family. She or he makes their way into the work zone where your team is putting on their finishing touches and tells you that a parent of the couple sent them to do whatever you need help with.

Your answer should be a politely thanks but no thanks with a little bit more add on verbiage. Keep reading and you will find out why.

In the meantime you're about 30 minutes until start time and the doors are unlocked, the seating charts are in place and it's time for the guests to be allowed into the venue. Here comes the same family friend walking up to you saying: "I told the bride that a bunch of people are lined up ready to take their seats and it seems like you all aren't moving fast enough and the bride says for you to come to the bridal suite.

You as the Day of Coordinator could have prevented this from happening. Your initial answer should have been: "thanks but no thanks we already have a dedicated team here in place. We aren't allowing anyone who isn't contracted to be in this room or any other areas of the venue until the doors are open for seating.

So at this point what do you do? Do you retake control of the event or do you go into panic mode, run to the brides suite to explain? Allow me to help you out simply: Know your role, reinforce your position, be confident in your role and keep control.

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